What’s NEXT for Finance?
We shape the future of industry.
What’s NEXT for Cofidis?
We build the future of Cofidis.
What’s NEXT for YOU?
We empower you and help you to get to another level.


NEXT means evolution, a willingness to challenge the status quo, and embrace change!

Everything is possible whenever there is a goal. We help and empower people to get to the next level. Next, start here to get there!

Our Mission

Talent and Brand Culture are our key drivers for innovation.

Our commitment is to foster an open and engaging atmosphere that inspires people. An energy booster for young talents to seek new opportunities.


Work hard, play harder, and have fun!

Focus and fun can go hand in hand. We promote a working environment that enables the creation of new solutions. Change is the only constant in our lives.

Product culture? Be our guest!

Product Culture is the core of our routine.

Our goal is to deliver the best practices and experiences. We empower product teams to ideate, build, iterate, and repeat to bring value to all users.

Creativity is our middle name!

Creativity allows us to create any solution for the challenges we come across.

We use the power of UX design by involving every stakeholder in the process. It gives us the freedom to embrace what was never experienced.

What we do

We build new digital experiences, focusing on users’ needs and desires.

We have developed several products, including online financing journeys, new artificial intelligence tools, and a unique BNPL (“Buy Now, Pay Later”) solution, Cofidis Pay. The best is yet to come.

EVENTS and projects



Productized talks

Semana Empreendedorismo e Tecnologia – Instituto Superior Técnico

Jornadas da Matemática – Instituto Superior Técnico

Product Weekend



Seminário com Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa

Accelerated Learning Workshops

Sponsored Events

Sponsored Events

Productized@Next talks

Product Weekend

Building the Future

Talent Bootcamp

Productized Conference

Digital Academies

Digital Academies


Rua Frederico George 37, 1600-468, Lisboa

join us

Want to become part of the Next team? We are more than excited for having you on board! Have a look at our careers site and don’t be shy, just apply.


Next is not a new Cofidis’ brand, but rather an innovation program based on two key pillars. The first aims to become a relevant player in the Fintech ecosystem in Portugal, and the second aims to develop a culture of internal innovation, where the focus is on empowering our employees.

The initiatives will be divided into two, both aimed at addressing the key pillars mentioned above. In order to develop the external ecosystem, there will be the promotion of and participation in programs that seek to generate the sharing of know-how and skills among all players in the ecosystem, such as participation in the open innovation lab held by Portugal Fintech. Internally, we will develop programs for the development of digital skills and crash courses related to the most technological, digital and product areas.

Yes! We are happy to meet you and make you the best version of yourself. We are always open to younger talents who have the will to make it happen and challenge the status quo. We are currently looking for skills in programming, engineering, product management and design. If you think you have what it takes, then apply!

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